Dr. Leo Vossen acquires Dr. Babor & Co

Dr. Leo Vossen bought a 90% holding in Dr. Babor & Co. in 1962 and moved the young company to Aachen, the home of the Vossen family.

BABOR recognizes the trend in natural cosmetics

The company became wholly owned by the Vossen family after Dr. Michael Babor left the company in 1965. Even then, Dr. Leo Vossen noticed the growing trend in highly effective natural ingredients in skin care products. The Dr. Babor Naturkosmetik line was used as the basis to launch a series of effective preoperative products on the specialised cosmetic institute market.

The 10 commandments of Dr. Babor Naturkosmetik

The Vossen family was focused on more than just developing innovative products and natural ingredients. It was important to the family to ensure top quality and conduct research and development in-house a comprehensive concept which continues to shape the company today. Dr. Vossen defined the 10 commandments of Dr. Babor Naturkosmetik in the 1960s, and they are still valid today. They are an excellent example of his sustainable management style.

The mirror around the black rose

Dr. Leo Vossen added a mirror to the characteristic black rose used to identify BABOR products in the 1960s. Instead of choosing just any mirror, the company chose a golden one. This symbol indicated early on that only the finest and most precious ingredients were used in BABOR's products.


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