Introduction of Total Quality Management

In 1994, Total Quality Management was introduced throughout the company under the aegis of Managing Director Heinz-Dieter Rietfort. This meant that every employee was required to act in their customers' interests and provide top quality at all times.

The three new product collections from

BABOR was committed to launching spectacular new developments and continuously improved their existing product lines in the 1990s. The company brought three new product lines to market in mid-1995: BABOR BODY LINE INTENSIVE, BASIC and PURE.


Natural product from Champagne

In 1996, BABOR launched SELECTION a luxury skin care series featuring beneficial wine yeast. This natural product, from the Champagne region of France, was developed in cooperation with Aachen University using a highly complex technique. BABOR successfully designed a very gentle process which made it possible to carefully extract the most possible glutathione from the valuable wine yeast.


BABOR wins the Beauty Award

In 1997, BABOR won the Professional Beauty Award in the category of  'Skincare Supplier of the Year.


The anti-aging system HIGH SKIN REFINER

In June 1997, BABOR introduced a very exclusive anti-aging system with a three-letter name: HSR®. The product system features a luxury lifting series to give the skin lasting rejuvenation and a complete skin care system with a unique lifting effect.



Launch of the make-up line

The new make-up cosmetics line MAKE UP SYSTEM was launched in 1998.


BABOR: the confirmed market leader in professional cosmetics

Winning the Beauty Award once again in 1998 confirmed BABOR's position as the leader in the professional cosmetics market. It was also an award for all employees. After all, this success was only possible thanks to BABOR's solid commitment to teamwork and the development, production and sale of innovative products.




In 1998, BABOR continued to perfect the system concept one of the brand's greatest strengths and core competencies by introducing the innovative BABOR SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD facial skin care line.


A concept for young customers

In 1999, just one year later, the SUN CARE SYSTEM was launched with innovative formulations and an updated look. The BABOR SKIN CARE SYSTEM BLUE, later renamed BABOR YOUNG, was also introduced for young customers.


New flagship store: BABOR INSTITUT AACHEN 

After the BABOR INSTITUT PALM BEACH opened in 1997, the first European BABOR INSTITUTE was opened in the companys hometown of Aachen. The exclusive day spa opened in August 1998 as the prototype of the ideal institute, implementing beauty and wellness programmes in line with the holistic BABOR SPA concept.


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