Wellness by nature.
Naturally effective skin care for face and body.

Wellness by nature natural care and effectiveness go hand in hand with sensual luxury and indulgence. Experience the BABOR SPA philosophy.
Treat yourself to a unique feeling of well-being that brings out your natural beauty perfectly.

Sanus per aquam health through water.
This is the secret to natural beauty.
Harmony between the body, mind and soul is what the luxurious atmosphere of the SPA aims to achieve.

Dream about faraway lands, escape from the everyday routine with BABOR SPA AROUND THE WORLD you can be swept away on an extraordinary wellness trip around the globe!

With the wide range of unique treatments offered by the BABOR SPA programme, your beautician can make your every experience a memorable one. We use hot stones made of lava rock as well as precious stones like crystals or rose quartz, which heighten the SPA experience and increase its effectiveness.