For over 50 years, BABOR has conducted extensive research on people's skin to develop holistic skin care concepts in line with nature. Our products give our clients an enhanced sense of well-being and help them accentuate their own natural beauty.

We believe in combining the best of nature with the latest findings from the world of science. For this reason, BABOR™s products primarily contain natural, plant-based ingredients. These are developed on the basis of sound in-house research and in strict compliance with species protection guidelines.

The outstanding purity and quality of our ingredients is shown in the excellent results and high compatibility of our products. This is confirmed in regularly conducted independent dermatological and clinical tests as well as testimonials from countless BABOR customers around the world.

What makes us unique should be removed.

·    Convincing skin tolerance

·    Products tested under dermatological supervision

·    Effectiveness confirmed by independent test labs

·    Use of pure, natural plant extracts

·    Minimal use of preservatives

·    Skin-friendly pH values

·    No mineral oils/silicon

·    Ingredients and raw materials obtained with species protection in mind

·    Inventor of the beauty ampoule

·    Largest ampoule manufacturer in the cosmetics industry

·    Leader in the institutional cosmetics market in Germany and many other countries