The name BABOR is a byword for exclusive, high-quality products and professional treatment systems around the world. Decades of research in our own laboratories and continued cooperation with universities and other scientific institutions guarantee the top quality and effectiveness of our innovative cosmetics.

Our cooperation with the IFAA (Interdisciplinary Forum for the Prevention of Aging and Anti-Aging Research) at the DOMHOF Klinik in Aachen is yet another way in which we try to maintain the highest possible standards in anti-aging research. We want to keep natural radiance from being a question of time!

Our principle of maintaining the highest standards in quality and skin care is based on innovative ingredients, which have been developed and optimised in special scientific production processes in close cooperation with universities. These collaborations help us to discover exclusive ingredients, which we purchase from a defined source. For the most part, we avoid using most standard ingredients found on the market today. One example is the production of BABOR™s exclusive ingredient glutathione, extracted from the finest wine yeast especially for our superior SKINOVAGE SELECTION products.

Many years of scientific research have enabled us to develop our own active ingredients and complexes for various types of uses. Here is a selection.

Babor active agent complexes