Environmental influences like the sun, cold and wind cause irritation and redness in this type of skin. The skin appears thinner and enlarged veins are occasionally visible. This skin type requires extremely gentle skin care without perfumes or colorants.

This type of skin looks pallid and tends towards flakiness. The skin feels tight and is less resistant to environmental influences. Small wrinkles often appear, particularly around the eyes. Intensive moisturising and/or lipid-replenishing lends this skin type new vitality.

This skin type features both oily and dry areas. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) quickly becomes shiny and tends towards enlarged pores and skin impurities. Oily skin contains too much oil due to excessive sebum production and tends towards blackheads or acne.

The first signs of skin aging such as moisture loss, small wrinkles and dullness characterise this type of skin. Deep-penetrating, energising skin care makes this type of skin look younger and more vibrant.

Exacerbating factors like stress and excessive sunbathing can attack the skin and make it look tired and colourless. In this case, the skin requires intensive revitalising skin care, which stimulates regeneration and lends the skin a new glow.

Excessive sebum production leads to shine, inflammation and impurities. The ideal skin care for this skin type has an antibacterial and balancing effect, refines the pores and lends the complexion a fresh and clear appearance.