with healing thermal spring water from Aachen

The BODY LINE THERMAL skin care products featuring Aachen thermal spring water, elsberry and zeolite replaced the previous BODY LINE. In addition to the new wellness formulations, the product range was also given a new, modern look.




In March 2001, the BABOR homepage received the TOP BUSINESS SITE award as an especially successful and informative website.


The Asian BABOR ScenTao product line

The new Asian wellness skin care line BABOR ScenTao was brought to market in April 2001. This holistic concept for face and body is inspired by beauty philosophies from the Far East. The purely plant-based, Asian ingredients include ginseng, green tea, ginkgo and ginger.


Be more beautiful every day
with the unique HSR® Lifting Complex

In October 2002, the relaunch of the premium anti-aging line HIGH SKIN REFINER was complete. The new HSR® Lifting Complex has a long-lasting effect highlighted by the slogan "Be more beautiful every day".



BABOR presented its look for the new millennium with an updated trade fair concept. Visitors to the BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2003 trade fair had the first chance to experience the more emotional and animated identity of the brand. This is also visible in the companys new website, launched in 2004.


KO-TEST gives a 'very good' rating

The SKIN CARE SYSTEM GOLD line was relaunched in September 2003, now featuring the new CALMING SENSITIVE system. The newspaper KO-TEST tested the day cream and gave it a "very good" rating.


SeaCreation®, an absolute high-end product

BABOR surprised its customers in October 2003 with a unique luxury cream. SeaCreation®, an absolute high-end product, uses active ingredients from the deep sea to invigorate, regenerate and protect the skin in a truly innovative way. 


BABOR takes the lead in the SPA sector

A new series of seminars was launched in summer 2004. The SPA Management Training courses were introduced to supplement BABOR's service offerings in the SPA business. This made BABOR the leader in the SPA sector as well.


Relaunch of the young skin care line

BABOR YOUNG was designed in 2005 for customers aged 20-30 as a replacement for the SKIN CARE SYSTEM BLUE concept. The line features extracts from arctic berries, which have outstanding protective mechanisms to deal with extreme weather conditions. BABOR researchers transformed these mechanisms to create innovative treatment complexes which benefit the skin, increase its resistance and protect it from environmental pollution and stress. This line is targeted towards both the young and young-at-heart


The BABOR E-Shop is launched

The company launched the BABOR E-Shop in March 2005 as a modern sales tool. It gives beauticians the opportunity to conveniently sell BABOR products to customers via the internet.



In March 2006, BABOR launched the BABOR BODY SPA product range on the market.



BABOR launched the SENSATIONAL EYES cream, gel and fluid in July 2006. This product line provides ideal protection to the delicate eye area, giving it a youthful, fresh appearance.



BABOR developed a gentle alternative to glycolic peels in 2007 with the BABOR DERMA REFINER. After years of research, the scientists at BABOR successfully created a skin-compatible yet effective range of products which regenerate the skin without damaging it.


The new BABOR logo

The elegant new BABOR logo was introduced in March 2008. The thorns on the rose and frame surrounding the logo were removed to better convey the clarity and emotional character of the brand.



The SPA AROUND THE WORLD skin care series invites people to take an extraordinary wellness journey around the globe. The BABOR ScenTao series, launched in 2001, was given a new design and renamed ScenTao of asia. Two other travel destinations were added in July 2008 as the basis for new SPA AROUND THE WORLD products: Khanya of africa and Shadiva of india. Authentic treatment rituals from ancient tribes and BABOR's extensive research expertise are combined to bring the body, mind and soul in balance.


BABOR MEN relaunched for new energy and pure vitality

BABOR also set new standards in mens skin care in July 2008. The BABOR MEN line was given a new design and the product portfolio was expanded in response to the increased demand. BABOR MEN is precisely tailored to the special needs of mens skin.


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