The high demands of modern society, hectic schedules and stress are a part of everyday modern life. They sap the natural resistance of our bodies and souls while damaging the beauty of our skin.

A visit to a BABOR spa is an experience unlike any other. Here, you can take a deep breath, let go, relax ... and experience how rich ingredients and effective treatment techniques give new life to your skin.

From pure relaxation to remedies for specific beauty needs: the luxurious face and body treatments provided by BABOR beauticians fulfil both wishes at the same time.

A professional skin analysis is conducted at the institute to see which treatments and skin care products would work best for you. While you relax, your skin will benefit from BABOR's extensive expertise.

Enjoying life is a question of attitude. Today, middle-aged women are more sensual and confident!

This exceptional skincare range, which borders on the medical, combines the latest advances in ...